Security Technologies

Center for Security DTU supports all security related research and development at the Technical University of Denmark. 
The technologies are described on the home pages of the individual institutes:



 Projects & Technologies – follow the links!

Cyber security,
Computing, software
Predictive analyses
DTU Compute
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science         
Cyberdefense, hackatons, formal methods,
image analysis and computer graphics, embedded systems,
artificial intelligence, machine learning,
process and quality control, data mining 
Sensors for defence, safety and security 

DTU Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

DTU Fotonik
Department of Photonics Engineering 

DTU Physics
Department of Physics

DTU Nanotech 
Department of Micro & Nano Tech

Electronics, radars, antennas, electric power and energy,
Acustics, 3D audio
Automation and control, autonomous systems,

Optics, communication technologies, fibers,
lasers, infrared cameras, TeraHertz

Quantum physics, -sensors, -computers and –encryption, QPIT
Material and Surface physics,
X-rays and scanners

Detectors for drugs & explosives (CRIMTRACK)
Lab on chips
Surveillance from
satellites, aircrafts,
autonomous systems,
DTU Space
National Space Institute 
Atmosphere, geodesy, geodynamics, geomagnetics,
Satellite instruments (Ulloriaq, ASIM), SatCom, Space weather
Earth observation, Arctic surveillance, seaice classification, ship/iceberg detection & discrimination
Navigation systems (GPS, Star camera)
Drones and magnetometers for mine hunting
Smart City (TAPAS) 
Environmental safety and security 

DTU Environment
Department of Environmental Engineering 

DTU Aqua
Department of Aquatics Eng.

Pollution, oil spills
chemical waste

Sea and water levels

System management DTU Management
Department of Management
Engineering systems, transport, robotics 
Materials and constructions 

DTU Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering 

DTU Wind Energy
Department of Wind Energy

DTU Civil Engineering 
Department of Civil Engineering

Mechanics, process, production, construction technologies
Materials and surfaces, Composites, metals, 3D print

Aerodynamics, turbines, meteorology and remote sensing
Fluids and Maritime technologies

Buildings and structures, geotechnics, Artek, CASMaT
Underground sensors